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Drones and Children

Someone I know sent me this link today. It is a list of 47 children who have perished due to Drone strikes under the Obama administration.

I think this list is meant to be an interesting juxtaposition to the “crying for the children” Obama presented to the public after the tragedy of Newton, Connecticut.  Leaving many Americans wondering what makes the Newton County children any more a tragedy than the deaths of 47 innocent brown children over the past few years.

Grey Area

Of course it isn’t that black and white. Some might argue that the end justifies the means as related to the deaths of 47 middle-eastern children. They are casualties of war – a sad consequence of terrorism and radical Islam even. War is dirty and the loss of innocent life inevitable while those children slaughtered in Newton remains completely unjustified and purposeless.

Still – I can’t help wonder why Obama doesn’t occasionally take a step back and express his deep regret for every innocent life lost as result of Drone attacks – especially the children. Especially in a war against “terror” and not against any particular nation.

Doesn’t the Administration owe it to every country to apologize for the death of their citizens as result of our mission to kill a particular individual? Maybe not – I don’t know how this works. What is the etiquette in a war like this? And no doubt a legion of right-wingers would be waiting to pounce and call Obama weak at the first apology uttered.


I guess what I’m saying here is that tragedy is everywhere and we should take time to reflect on the cost of war. We should appreciate and mourn the loss of every life – not just those in our own nation.

For myself – I wonder why the death of 22 children in Newton is so much more difficult a pill to swallow than the death of 47 children in some distant land I can’t fully conceptualize? This post goes out to all 69 of the innocent lives lost as result of someone else’s mistakes.  A sad reality of the world we live.

Gun Laws in the wake of the Connecticut Mass Shooting

Here we are again in the wake of the most tragic mass shooting in U.S. History.  28 victims, 20 of them children, were murdered by a psychopath in the name of nothing, for no reason, and has given none of us one ounce of closure.  To call this a tragedy is an understatement.  To try to put into words what the parents of these beautiful children must be feeling is impossible.

To imagine those unwrapped Christmas presents laying under the tree on Christmas morning. To think of the parents who have to live with the loss of their child every year – the holidays a constant reminder of what was taken from them. To finally muster the courage to pack your child’s bedroom and say goodbye. When it finally sinks in that your child will not be there on Christmas morning – smiling, excited, innocent – I can’t even imagine.

All these things have come to pass – or will come to pass – but one thing still remains.  One conversation: Gun Control.

Gun Control

I’ve covered Gun Control many times. I’ve tried to take a logical approach to the statistics and come to a reasonable conclusion about what it means to be a nation with an armed populous. Now 28 more people have been slain – so what do we do now?  What does this mean? Is it the time to open the discussion about Gun Control?  Is it time, for once and for all, to do what so many countries have and disarm? No.

By focusing on Guns we are missing the point. We are avoiding the elephant in the room. We aren’t having the right discussions at all.  What we need to talk about is us.  What’s wrong with our culture, with society, with our psychology?  How can we as a nation blame violence on Guns alone without taking a very careful look at ourselves in the mirror?  Why are we killing each other, what is happening to us culturally, what is the root cause of this issue?

Culture Health

We are a culture in trouble.  We have the highest gun related crime rate of any developed nation on Earth.  Why?  Is this a gun problem or something deeper?  Has TV and music corrupted our young people to such an extent that murder has become ingrain in our psyche to such an extent we resort to violent behavior?

We are in trouble unless something changes. Even our Government is built upon violence.  Have no delusions  We have the biggest military in World history.  The military industrial complex is the largest arms dealer in world history. So how can a Government enforce laws around gun control when they themselves supply all the world with weapons of destruction?  Hippocrates.

It just doesn’t fit. A culture of violence is one built from top to bottom and it has to be solved at all levels.  Peace has to come from the leadership as well as the populous – is our Government willing to lead by example?  No.

This isn’t an anti-government rant – I’m just pointing out that a culture of violence and love for Guns has saturated us.  The media, the Government, entertainment, and the people – all engulfed in a lust for violence that we can’t easily detach ourselves from.  Pro-gun or anti-gun ask yourself this: What is the real problem?  Guns or the system that promotes the idea of violence?

Tighter gun control laws without changing the moral fabric of the people will be more like chaining a rabid dog to a fence post without training him – you can take away the dogs freedom and it may solve a few problems, but he’s still rabid. How many people can you chain, spy on, and control in the name of safety?

Look in the Mirror

I’m not saying these shootings are any of our fault.  Not even close. But we have to agree that changing the way we embrace and cheer on violence has to change.

It’s propaganda. We love violence because we have been trained to. So it’s no surprise when a few of us begin to act out the thing they have come to embrace.

Does your 8 year old still find it entertaining to kill another person in a video game?  Are you still apathetic about the brown people being killed in the middle east by drone strikes that are eerily similar to the video game that your child loves to play so much?  Are you embracing love and humanity or war and murder?  Where do your dollars go at the movie theater? Do your actions scream peace?

Pro-gun or Anti-gun I really don’t care as long as we can all agree to do something about ourselves first.

Edit: A friend pointed this article out to me today. A mass shooting eerily similar to the one in Connecticut from back in the late 1920s. People have a very short memory.


People, NOT Government

President Obama will be our president for the next four years, the House of Representatives is still controlled by a Republican majority, and the Senate is still controlled by a Democrat majority. Nothing has changed since yesterday. This morning I still got out of bed, shut off my alarm, put on my clothes, and went to work.

For now, I’ll rake the leaves at the beginning of my neighborhood when no one else will, I’ll buy a homeless guy a meal and treat him like a person, I’ll offer to fix my neighbor’s front porch when they need help, and I’ll lend my friends a few bucks when times are tight after they’ve been laid off work. In the end, its the people that make a difference, not their Government.

Did you get that?

As a 25 year old man, with several decades left to live, I believe no idea is more important to perpetuate than our sense of responsibility to ourselves and our neighbors. We have to fight for it!

As it stands it seems we as a population have slowly come to rely more and more on Government. Not just the poor, not just as a social safety net, and not just for emergency – but to such an extent we are losing our sense of community.

Ask yourself: “What is my relationship with my community?” and “What do I think when I see someone in need?” Do you think “How can I help?” or do you assume the Government already is?

We text “Red Cross” during a hurricane instead of preparing a meal for our neighbor. We wait for FEMA instead offering water to the thirsty. We assume “they get food-stamps” instead of offering someone a way to feed themselves. Republican or Democrat this is a trending theme everyone must be worried about.

Help yourself, help your neighbor, don’t wait for anyone else to do it.

More News on Drones

More Drone news:

Via BusinessInsider.com:

New research from the NYU School of Law and Stanford Law School details how U.S. drones employ a tactic, known as the “double tap,” that is considered to be a terrorist act by the U.S. government.

The double tap is when a targeted strike site is hit multiple times by hellfire missiles in relatively quick succession, meaning that the second missile often strikes first responders.

The report concludes that double taps by U.S. drones raises “crucial moral and legal concerns. Not only does the practice put into question the extent to which secondary strikes comply with international humanitarian law’s basic rules … but it also potentially violates specific legal protections for medical and humanitarian personnel, and for the wounded. As international law experts have noted, intentional strikes on first responders may constitute war crimes.”

That’s enough politics for today.

Internet Freedoms

Anyone concerned with Liberty or internet freedom might want to give this site a read. http://www.cleanitproject.eu/

The EU’s latest attempt, it seems, to put us all in line like good little slaves. Compliments of the No Agenda Show.

Using Terrorism to inhibit freedom:

the Internet is also used for illegal purposes, including terrorism, supporting terrorism and encouraging terrorism.

Public and private organisations will comply with national and European laws and regulation. Any action taken to reduce the terrorist use of the internet, will respect fundamental rights and freedoms, including access to the Internet, freedoms of assembly and expression, privacy and data protection.

Terrorist use of the Internet must be prevented as much as possible.

The Media is Bought and Paid for

This was a recent story played on CNN. If you can’t see this as a “media story” that is a total advertisement for Ambien you are an idiot. Start looking at all media this way – it’s all bought and paid for by someone. Popular media is all an advertisement.

Message from the media: Take Ambien two at a time. It’s good for travelers. If you take it correctly you shouldn’t feel groggy. It’s safe. Even Navy Seals take it!

What a crock of shit! This is our media folks.

I do not speak to my Father

Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday. I didn’t call. I didn’t talk about it. I didn’t remind my wife or say anything to my best friend. I thought about it a few times and let the idea fade from my brain until I was busy doing something else instead.

Maybe I could have been the bigger man and gave him a call. I’m not sure he deserves it though. On the other hand maybe it would have been good for me – evidence that all of my harsh feelings towards him mean nothing. I didn’t call though. I want him to know that the life he has lived isn’t okay and that he doesn’t deserve a phone call from his only son.

My Dad represents almost everything in life that I dislike. He abuses the system, he mentally and physically abused my Mother, was never and still is not a good provider, he is the most selfish man I have ever known, he is a drug addict, and toxic to everyone he’s around. The worst part is that he walks around with a since of entitlement like the world and everyone in it owes him something.

The last Straw
I think the last straw was a couple months back when my Mom attempted suicide. My Dad and me weren’t really on speaking terms then either, but I hadn’t completely abandoned the idea of speaking to him. My Mom called me crying saying that my Dad was seeing someone else and that she “wanted to go be with Jesus.” It was terrible and I was more disgusted than afraid.

After that incident I found out that my Father had been sharing his meth addiction with my Mother. They were both hooked and it made more sense than ever why she was so fucked up. My Father has successfully used drugs and mental abuse as a form of mind control based on insecurity and getting high for the past 26 years on my Mother. No I think its too late for anyone to do anything about it. I somehow escaped.

The Holidays
The holidays are approaching too. This should make avoiding family even more difficult. At this point I completely refuse to speak to my Father or his mother. She has harbored him at a motel he owns where he makes beds and does maintenance for rent. That’s also where he cheats on my Mother and does meth.

The part that most disgust me is that my Grandmother is on this holy trip. She is and always has been “religious” yet she has somehow justified allowing my father to live on her property, have sex with other drug addicts, buy and sell meth, and abandon his responsibilities as a husband. That motel is a compound of irony.

I will not be uncivil – my quiet protest will be my absence. Luckily I have in-laws who are excellent people and I have adopted as my family. That also make my wife happy so it’s a win-win. I will make a small amount of time for my Mother, but her inability to do anything for herself, her mental laziness, and her constant complaints are something I can only deal with in small doses.

Looking ahead
In years to come I am not exactly sure how I will deal with this situation. Part of me says just forgive them and move on. Let them live their shitty lives and let the universe punish them accordingly. It is not my place. The best thing I can do is let it all go and move on.

Another part of me says just never speak to them again. Forget about it completely and move on in a different way. However; honestly I am not sure which method is the right one. If I maintain a relationship with my parents does that set me up for more heartache and trouble? Does it give my parents more opportunity to suck me in and make their problems my own? That is the risk.

Either way this whole thing has taught me the value of being a decent human being and a man of integrity. I am thankful for that.

Sexist, Chauvinistic, Male Pig!

This sexist pig rant is brought to you by Holden! Please feel free to sound off in the comments!

My wife is a stay at home mom. When I get home after being out of town all week, I expect the house to be clean. I’d prefer dinner to be made. And if maybe, just maybe she could be wearing a little makeup- and dressed in a nice, low cut dress with her best Victoria Secret miracle bra on, that’d be great too!

Does that make me a sexist, chauvinistic, male pig?

I really love the idea of Blog Truth because I’m anonymous here. You guys don’t know me and I don’t know any of you. So I’m going to lay it on your guys in hopes of eliciting some honest feedback- especially from the ladies, regardless of supportive or critical it may be.

Am I a chauvinistic pig?

A few months back I put up a post on another blog I used to write for with a picture of my wife in a busty shirt with mid rift exposed, holding a plate of delicious pasta for me. The post title went into detail about how I had banned sweatpants in my home and was demanding more sex from my wife.

The fact that my wife agreed to pose for the picture at all, and the title made it pretty obvious that the post was meant to be light hearted. I simply wanted to stress the importance of BOTH husbands and wives keeping up a certain standard for one another in terms of appearance and yes… sex! The post received scathing comments with one commenter saying my article set women back 50 years and another blasting me as a sexist pig!

I dug in and defended myself of course, but the outrage from commenters did make me begin to question myself. Am I sexist? Is it wrong that I expect my homemaker wife to have certain things done and that I’d prefer she look decent for me? I after all more than reciprocate by trying to make myself attractive to her, constantly trying to lose more weight, and of course by being a good provider for our family.

We all have our roles

I’ll admit that I do treat my wife like she is an employee of the household. She is the homemaker. In my eyes doing dishes, cooking dinner, folding laundry and taking care of the kids is primarily her responsibilioty. It is her contribution to the family. It may not carry a paycheck, but it does have serious value. I was talking to a few friends of mine about it (who just so happen to be a lesbian couple) and they kind of acted like I was a backwards old redneck.

And what about expecting my wife to be dressed up a bit? I’ll unabashedly admit that when I get home from work after being gone all week, there really is nothing more I want than to walk in and see my wife in a slinky dress! Call me sexist if you like, but I don’t mess around on the road and I’m freaking horny by the end of the week! Does that make me a pig?

I have also started urging my wife to hit the gym three or four days a week. I do it! In fact, I go to great strides to make myself attractive to my wife, dropping about 50 lbs over the last couple years and as of yesterday, dedicating myself to 20 more by end of year! I want to see our relationship succeed, I want her to feel fulfilled and NOT want to screw around behind my back, and I’d like the same in return.

What say you? Am I Behind the Times?

I really want to know if I am in the wrong here? Personally, I don’t think I am but I could be wrong. I’m wrong about things all the time.

But before you are quick to any sort of judgment, hear me out. Everything I ask of my wife, I do in return without being asked. I also do not shy away from the house chores. If there is a sink full of dishes to be washed or dinner needs to be made, I’ll make it. But it is primarily my wife’s job just like I have a job of my own.

Of course, I have seen plenty of men who are genuinely sexist, chauvinistic, male pigs! I know guys who demand sex of their wives and bitch about their weight while they themselves are outright disgusting, fat bastards who pretty much smother the poor women in body odor and sweat every time they get lucky.

I also know hard working women who are in relationships with generally lackluster, lazy asses who really add no value to the relationship.

To these guys, I say fuck off. But if you’re a guy like me going above and beyond for the family and more than willing to reciprocate in all matters, is it not reasonable to expect these things of your wife?


You have a Problem Child Sir! Medicate HER!

This awesome blog post is brought to you by Holden.

The last few days of work have been killer for me. My team is up against a tight deadline and we’ve been pulling insane hours. I didn’t leave work until about 10pm the last two nights in a row, and after work you either go back to a lonely hotel room where there is basically little else to do but watch reruns of crappy sitcoms on TBS or you hit the hotel bar for overpriced drinks and conversation with a lonely bar tender.

At the same time I’m embattled at work my wife has been having a meltdown of sorts at home. My four year old and one year old are being challenging- fighting, screaming and destroying shit, and as you found out in my last post, my wife is up against a bit of a cancer scare.

And to top it all off, there is yet another issue at hand, the quiet war being waged against my four year old and the endless, quiet suggestion that I put her on behavior altering drugs.

Would you prefer the red pill or the blue pill……

A few weeks back my wife went to visit my bat-shit crazy family out of state. I warned her it was a bad idea, but she’s a bored stay at home mom and wanted a change of scenery. While there, my mentally retarded, nutty ass aunt and grandmother pummeled my wife with their opinions regarding my wife’s parenting style and the mental health of my four year old.

Yes, my family whom we barely know told my wife she was a shitty parent and that my kid needed to be put on behavior modifying medication. This is why I live 500 miles away from these fuck-tards.

My wife being who she is took this to heart and has let it bother her. Now fast forward a few weeks to pre-school and we have a pre-school teacher also conferring her very professional medical opinion upon us, insinuating that maybe my four year old needs some help. I’ve been asked if her hearing is bad, maybe she has Attention Deficit Disorder, maybe she has this, maybe she has that….

Instead of my wife, the teacher, the family member actually dealing with a four year old the way you should (with structure, discipline and consistency) they’d rather suggest we dope her up. Why? Because this is the state of our sad, downward spiraling society plagued with incessant laziness and endless propaganda from big pharma suggesting that we need to medicate EVERY MOTHER FUCKING PROBLEM UNDER THE SUN!

The Spitting Image of Her Father

I see so much of me in my little girl that it amazes me. She is my greatest source of pride. When I was a kid, I had behavior issues too. I got bored easy, I didn’t always pay attention or listen, and when I got out of line my dad busted my ass.

Today, we frown on real punishment in favor of bullshit games and medication. Yes, we’ve traded hard love for pills and games. We are slowly hobbling and handicapping ourselves.

I only imagine what would have come of me if my parents had medicated my problems away, stripping me of the very characteristics of my personality that have ultimately driven me to go above and beyond in many aspects of life. It isn’t so much that I deny some kids (possibly even mine) have legitimate issues that might need medication to correct, its more so that I think we’re not giving my daughter our all and are instead looking for the disgusting easy way out.

How to Fix the Problem…

Ah… the golden question. It is easy enough to sit around and whine but what do I do to fix this problem? First things first, I need to chill out and calm down.

I’m on the road four days a week for work, I can’t change that. My wife simply isn’t the type of parent that is going to figure out this issue on her own, I can’t change that either. But I can try to manage it and create structure from a distance and be extra attentive when I’m at home.

This is a double challenge. A challenge of coaching my wife up to rise to the occasion and a challenge of giving my daughter the attention she needs to correct a problem. I need to create goals and tasks on how I’ll achieve them then attack this from the top down…

More to come on this in time.


Republican National Convention: Forget the people, We choose who is in power!

Whoever you support in this presidential election cycle you should be upset at the Republican national convention’s treatment of Republican delegates and voters who did not support Romney – and there were a lot of them.

Upon further research you may be interested to learn the tactics the Republican party used to ensure Ron Paul would not have an opportunity to speak at the RNC.

A candidate must win 5 states to speak at the RNC – Ron Paul did that – that is until 10 delegates from Maine were replaced at the RNC giving Ron Paul only 4 states.

I do not think many Ron Paul supporters had any delusion that Ron Paul would come out on top in Tampa, but we wanted the message to be heard. This was just poor and disrespectful treatment to all the people who organized for a cause they believed in.

In my opinion it was spitting in the face of many Republicans who happened to support someone other than the candidate the RNC chose.