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The Republicans Deserved to Lose!

With the end of the 2012 presidential election almost a week away, I finally feel like it is safe to turn on the TV or read some news without being totally inundated with all the crap we’re subjected to at election time.  Now, I’d like to sound off and call out the leadership of the Republican Party as the losers they are.

Epic Fail- Two Presidential Elections in a Row!

As we move forward into 2013, most of the country still has the bad taste of Wall Street bailouts in its mouth. Unemployment is still high; jobs are still hard to come by and regardless of what anyone tells you, it still sucks out here. The average man is becoming poorer. We can squabble over the reason why and point fingers back and forth at one another, but it’s true. And who did the Republican’s decide to send to the big show- a really fucking rich white, venture capitalist/investor!

When I pointed this out to a few diehard republicans over dinner one evening, they had a billion great reasons why Romney was the awesome, super Mormon Jesus who would have restored America to its former greatness! And this is the part of the conversation where I alway like to follow up with the next question:  “Was Mitt your initial choice for president during the primaries?”

Suddenly the back tracking begins! Of course he wasn’t. He was hardly anybody’s first choice, but magically he got pushed through and rammed down the republican’s throats, and like good little slaves, they all lined up to allege their support. In the words of my wonderful, sweet mother-in-law, “A vote for anyone other than Romney is a vote for Obama!” Well, good for you slaves, you stupid fucking little slaves.  Heaven forbid we ever dream of supporting a third candidate, or a candidate Fox News. CNN or CBS didn’t cover on the evening news.

What if we did all just vote for our favorite candidate?

Let’s say instead of being good slaves and letting the republicans highjack the republican nomination by essentially forcing out Ron Paul, making Rich Santorum magically disappear overnight and smudging out all other contender’s however they decided to do so, we had just voted for who our gut told us to? Obama still would have won, BUT a clear message would have been sent.

The message that would have been sent is that we are through with this bullshit two party system which is really not two parties at all! As I’ve said a dozen times already, we are not a two party system but a single party system with two corporate wings!

Of course, the masses are too busy squabbling over half-truths and sensationalist reporting to see what is going on around them. I swear, the founding fathers were geniuses to form our country as a republic and not a true democracy, for if the public at large were truly allowed to make any decisions, this country would have fallen the wayside long ago. We are a society full of misinformed, fickle, and ignorant sheep.

What could the Republicans have done to win?

If the republicans really wanted to win, they should have found an Obama of their own. Obama came up just another poor, fatherless black kid from a single parent home, rising to prominence against all odds, making his way to Harvard and beyond.

People will argue all day that he’s not a naturalized citizen, that some mysterious, super-secret  socialist brotherhood hand picked him and laid a golden brick road for him to follow to the presidency, or whatever other conspiracy theory you want to believe but the average American looks at Obama and is inspired.

Obama is the true rags to riches story. Obama is inspirational. Obama is a fucking badass. Mitt Romney, while no doubt a smart guy with great family values (and hair), is just another rich dude to most Americans.  And believe it or not, most average people HATE RICH PEOPLE regardless of whether they deserve to be rich or not. Just look at how many times a week on average the Obama camp pointed out how rich Romney was!

If the republicans wanted to win, they should have found their own rags to riches story, and preferably a woman. And I don’t mean another Sarah Palin, who is even more proof of how fucked a large segment of the voting population really is. Every time I see an old McCain/Palin bumper sticker, I throw up in my mouth a little bit.

Bottom line, there is no single, conservative “republican party.” We need to forget this notion that conservatives from north to south and east to west are all united. We are not. We need to abandon this strict two party system and start rebuilding. Start forcing change from the bottom up. Sure, it may be, no IT WILL BE rocky in the beginning, but all great change is tough and not without pain, blood, sweat and tears.

Will we ever get there? You tell me… in the comments!