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The Media is Bought and Paid for

This was a recent story played on CNN. If you can’t see this as a “media story” that is a total advertisement for Ambien you are an idiot. Start looking at all media this way – it’s all bought and paid for by someone. Popular media is all an advertisement.

Message from the media: Take Ambien two at a time. It’s good for travelers. If you take it correctly you shouldn’t feel groggy. It’s safe. Even Navy Seals take it!

What a crock of shit! This is our media folks.

Life is Good

Right now I am sitting on my back porch, the grill is going, its about 70 degrees, the sun is shining, the wife is happy, my yard is freshly manicured, and I’m sipping on a premium cup of authentic Guatemalan coffee while researching my next trip to Cusco, Peru and Machu Picchu.

It’s times like this when I think about my life and appreciate the finer things. A good job, great friends, loyal wife, and opportunity to live life any way I please. Sometimes that’s all you can ask for – the freedom to live your life.

I do a lot of complaining and whining on this blog, so I figured a nice update when times are good wouldn’t hurt.

I’m looking forward to this site in a few months.

Facebook: On Foodstamps

I wish I had to try harder to find these conversations.

Facebook: On God

Facebook “friend” on the topic of God.

BlogTruth Challenge: Week 2

Holden is still a fatty and I still have no trace of abs, but the BlogTruth challenge is still going strong into its second week.

The Challenge: The first person to reach their goal wins. (Holden = 190lbs, Atticus = Abs)

Week 2

Week 1

I do not speak to my Father

Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday. I didn’t call. I didn’t talk about it. I didn’t remind my wife or say anything to my best friend. I thought about it a few times and let the idea fade from my brain until I was busy doing something else instead.

Maybe I could have been the bigger man and gave him a call. I’m not sure he deserves it though. On the other hand maybe it would have been good for me – evidence that all of my harsh feelings towards him mean nothing. I didn’t call though. I want him to know that the life he has lived isn’t okay and that he doesn’t deserve a phone call from his only son.

My Dad represents almost everything in life that I dislike. He abuses the system, he mentally and physically abused my Mother, was never and still is not a good provider, he is the most selfish man I have ever known, he is a drug addict, and toxic to everyone he’s around. The worst part is that he walks around with a since of entitlement like the world and everyone in it owes him something.

The last Straw
I think the last straw was a couple months back when my Mom attempted suicide. My Dad and me weren’t really on speaking terms then either, but I hadn’t completely abandoned the idea of speaking to him. My Mom called me crying saying that my Dad was seeing someone else and that she “wanted to go be with Jesus.” It was terrible and I was more disgusted than afraid.

After that incident I found out that my Father had been sharing his meth addiction with my Mother. They were both hooked and it made more sense than ever why she was so fucked up. My Father has successfully used drugs and mental abuse as a form of mind control based on insecurity and getting high for the past 26 years on my Mother. No I think its too late for anyone to do anything about it. I somehow escaped.

The Holidays
The holidays are approaching too. This should make avoiding family even more difficult. At this point I completely refuse to speak to my Father or his mother. She has harbored him at a motel he owns where he makes beds and does maintenance for rent. That’s also where he cheats on my Mother and does meth.

The part that most disgust me is that my Grandmother is on this holy trip. She is and always has been “religious” yet she has somehow justified allowing my father to live on her property, have sex with other drug addicts, buy and sell meth, and abandon his responsibilities as a husband. That motel is a compound of irony.

I will not be uncivil – my quiet protest will be my absence. Luckily I have in-laws who are excellent people and I have adopted as my family. That also make my wife happy so it’s a win-win. I will make a small amount of time for my Mother, but her inability to do anything for herself, her mental laziness, and her constant complaints are something I can only deal with in small doses.

Looking ahead
In years to come I am not exactly sure how I will deal with this situation. Part of me says just forgive them and move on. Let them live their shitty lives and let the universe punish them accordingly. It is not my place. The best thing I can do is let it all go and move on.

Another part of me says just never speak to them again. Forget about it completely and move on in a different way. However; honestly I am not sure which method is the right one. If I maintain a relationship with my parents does that set me up for more heartache and trouble? Does it give my parents more opportunity to suck me in and make their problems my own? That is the risk.

Either way this whole thing has taught me the value of being a decent human being and a man of integrity. I am thankful for that.

Camping and Training for Machu Picchu

As I mentioned a few days ago – Holden, myself, and our wives will be headed to Machu Pucchu in about 9 months. In efforts to prevent my wife from dieing on the hike I’ve started a training regiment of periodic hiking and camping at a nearby state park.

Thoughts in the Wilderness

Even though I was only a few miles from the nearest road being a little bit off the beaten trail felt peaceful. Even the hiking, collecting fire wood, and setting up camp somehow felt relaxing. It had been such a long time since I spent the night outdoors I had almost forgotten what I was missing. Something about cooking your food over a fire you prepared yourself, next to a campsite, and the stars coming out – just feels calming.

At night I couldn’t take my eyes off the stars and I quickly realized why so many people were drawn to them 100s of years ago. It’s funny because before last night I can’t even remember the last time I took more than a couple of seconds to look up and appreciate the night sky.

The fresh air, something relaxing about being outdoors, and just the rare opportunity for a little isolation has quickly made camping something I plan to do a little more often. If anything, I’m more enthusiastic than ever about hitting up Machu Picchu.

Lesson Learned

Slow down, take a deep breath, enjoy nature, enjoy the ones you are with, and relax.

NO KIDS FOR ME! How having kids ruins lives.

I do not want children.  I have no desire what-so-ever to produce offspring.  I am not concerned with passing down my name, my genetics, nor any legacy.  I’m a happy guy and I want to stay that way.  I’m not missing anything, I’ve tried the dog thing, and taking care of something besides yourself sucks.  Period.

I can hear the parents screaming now.  You don’t know what you are missing!  You are naive!  Having a child and watching them grow is SO rewarding – and so the arguments go.  Let me just say something – you are all full of shit.

My happiness is not tied to the existence of a smaller, younger, screaming, shitting,  person that shares half my DNA.  I do not need another person’s life to complete my own.  Maybe you are just fooling yourself!

Society says: “Have a kid!” 

Having a kid is something society has taught us to do.  We should breed.  We should head forth and multiply!  It’s even in our religion, government, and genetics.  We want sex, the Government gives us tax incentives, and “God” says married people should have orgasms to breed, not for pleasure!  I mean who doesn’t love a cute kid?  Maybe society just wants us to join the club – and be as miserable and bogged down as they are.

Everyone I know who has a kid is a liar too.  How do I know?  Because the one thing they complain the most about (their kids) is the exact thing they say is the best thing in their life.  I call bullshit.

Seriously, if you tell me that having a kid completed you.  If you say that having a kid is the most special thing to ever happen in your life.  Or anything like that – then you are just trying to make yourself feel better about how bad having a kid sucks.

Disadvantages of Having a Kid

Kids are expensive, they get hurt, they get into trouble, they fuck up your house, they crawl on you, and I could get over all of that.  The one thing I’m not sure I could stand is losing time.  No more heading to the grocery store or out to dinner on a whim, no more sex in the kitchen just because I want to, no more weekend camping trips out of the blue, trips across the globe become “I have to find a baby-sitter”, and every convenience I once had suddenly becomes an exercise of “I would, but I have to watch the kids.”

Freedom.  Gone.

Kids also wreck that shit when they are spat out of a women’s vagina.  The once perfect breasts, smooth skin, tight ass, and sexual aura becomes a moody, orangutan titied, wilder-beast that survives by cutting your balls off for leisure.  Why would I want to subject my self to a lifelong tenure of mediocre sex with a former hottie that is destined to be interrupted by crying?

If you say having children is a blessing – then you had no goals or life beforehand.


With so many alternatives to having children I can barely stomach the idea of ruining my wife’s body to produce a second me.  I mean there are a million orphans going hungry at any given moment so why not adopt?  Perhaps that is more meaningful than producing a child of your own.  Adoption is a gift you give another human being – what can be more special than that?

Not having kids doesn’t make you selfish – it means you have different priorities

A lot of people call childless couples selfish, but that is a fallacy.  People without children aren’t selfish they simply have different priorities that do not include kids.

I want to travel the world, I truly want to make it a better place, I want to help people – especially those that already exist.  It almost feels more selfish for me to have two kids when I could use those same resources to help two children somewhere else – who have already been born – and are going hungry.  Maybe having children in a world full of hungry ones makes YOU the selfish one.

In all seriousness

Have kids or don’t.  I’m not sure either path is any better than the other.  My overall point here is that no one should feel pressured by society to have children.  For many people, especially those people who aren’t ready, having a child is a responsibility they aren’t financially nor mentally ready for.  Let’s stop with the “let’s have kids by 30″ thing and start a “lets enjoy life” one.

BlogTruth Challenge: Week 1

First of all – let me appologize for the disgusting photo below. Holden and I have decided to challenge each other.

Holden claims to be able to get to 190lbs by New Years (currently weights 210-215 lbs). I said there is no way in Hell his sasquach looking ass will be able to do it. Furthermore I said: “I will get abs before you weight 190 lbs, bitch.” He called me on it and the challenge has been accepted.

Abs vs. 190lbs

The Challenge: By our annual New Years Eve visit to New Orleans the person closest to their defined goal wins. Our status will be updated weekly. Cardio and crunches begin now.

Week 1