Proof that our Health and Medical Insurance System is FUCKED!

Today I got a bill in mail for when my wife went to the doctor recently due to having the flu. She didn’t go to the Emergency Room mind you, she went to her primary care physician.

The final cost to me out of pocket was only $25. Not bad if you forget that I pay about $400 every month in insurance premiums then my employer picks up another $800 for a total of approx. $1200 a month to insure my family.

But check out the wonderful itemized bill! It’s for almost $400!!!!!

Look closer and you notice the doctors and insurance companies have some nice deals with each other. The doctor discounted the insurer $177 + $82. Yup- $259 (65% of the bill) was “Wrote Off”.

2014-06-19 20_35_17-Picasa 3

I wonder if I were uninsured and I went in for this visit, would they have wrote off 65% of the medical bill for me, or stuck my poor soul with the whole $400?!

Someone give me a spoon so I can gouge my eyes out! This is maddening!


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Holden is a really groovy guy. By day a Management/IT Consultant, by night a wiper of his children's asses and regular in group fitness classes.

4 thoughts on “Proof that our Health and Medical Insurance System is FUCKED!

  1. My son had to go to the dr. and he didn’t have health insurance at that time. I tired to cut a deal for him with this dr. since he didn’t have insurance but was told repeatedly that they don’t DO that but they’d be happy to set up a payment plan.
    I told them I guess they don’t want to get paid anything. lol Son has no credit so he’s got nothing to lose.

    So how is it ok that the uninsured pay full freight and those with insurance get a large part of their bill written off?

    1. Sluggy,
      I think you have the right idea! Treat me the way you treat the insurance companies or get nothing!

      There’s a reason you don’t put your SS# on the forms when the doctors ask you for it. :)

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