When did freedom of speech become so unpopular?

People should never do anything but fight for freedom of speech. Even dumb speech, hate speech, and bad speech. The good thing about free speech is that there is always someone there to call you out on your stupidity (with their free speech) – unless you are the Government or the media…

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About Atticus C.

Atticus started BlogTruth in 2011. He is a management consultant who focuses on process improvement and business risks. Atticus brings years of business insight and amateur political analysis to the table in the form mediocre blog postings. He is an aspiring world traveler, family man, and terrible at grammar and punctuation.

2 thoughts on “When did freedom of speech become so unpopular?

  1. And who the hell is this moron anyway? What does freedom of speech have to do with truth or validity of what is being said.

    I love that Facebook subjects me to so much stupidity on a daily basis, and like a good little junky I keep going back for more even thought I know its bad for me.

    Its like being addicted to Twinkies.

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